Sunday, 28 November 2010

What's the Story? Miles Jupp that's what!

Highlight Comedy Club had us laughing our socks off again for just a few pennies. 1pence tickets definitely worth it because we were introduced to the hilarious Miles Jupp.

Miles Jupp
A posh country boy who plays it well, empathising with people in city side streets who can't find a vein - it's awful when you get a bad Stilton! 

Some of you may recognise Miles (although i think he was carrying a bit more weight and a barnet of curly locks) as being the inventor Archie in children's series Balamory. He also had a bit part in a Harry Potter film, it seems i'm a bit slow of the mark! 

Miles is on tour at the start of 2011, a great way to beat those January blues...

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