Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Well my first blog of 2011 - about time too! Here's a little update about what i got up to over the festive period and my plans for the coming year...

Stamp Mad 
I got myself a bit of a new hobby in the form of stamping. I love brown paper for wrapping presents and thought i could get a bit festive and personalise all my gifts with some stamps.
It's easy to do and quite cheap to start up, i went to Hobby Craft which i normally think is quite expensive but everything i needed was on offer, also i managed to pick up a few bits at Tesco.

Cheaper than store bought and makes everyone smile!

Christmas Eve Curry
I made a start on my Haresmoor DIY curry kit with a Rogan Josh on Christmas Eve, it was really simple with the spice all measured out for you, all i had to do was chop! I used pork which is unusual but it was what was in the fridge, had some cheats rice from Sainsbury's and some home made samosa that i had in the freezer from last month. all in all delicious!

Home Made Rogan Josh

I would definitely recommend these kits for those who love curry but not cooking, i have also made a fish curry which was delicious and the flavours reminded me of my trip to Sri Lanka. Both currys took around 45mins to an hour but were very simple. Get yours here

My Best Pressie
It wasn't the biggest but i'm sure will give me the most fun. The book 'Bake & Decorate' by Fiona Cairns.

Inspiration for Tea Time Treats

As the title suggests it shows you some brilliant cake recipes and how to decorate them, i have looked through this book so many times already and can't wait to get started with it. It will have to wait though - can't be aimlessly eating cake in January (roll on feb when we've all forgotten about dieting and the gym!)

Have a look inside and when i do break my New Years Resolution i will be sure to post pictures!

The Resolutions
I have steered away from making any big one's this year as really what's the point?

This year I would like to be more organised, especially in the mornings. Trying to organise clothes and lunch for work the evening before, so far going well but i can't get out of bed! Hopefully week two will be easier!

It's a massive cliche, but I would like to be healthier and i have just booked a holiday at the end of February with some girlfriends so i have a target to lose some weight too!
To do this i am taking advantage of all the free gym passes that are on offer in January (check out martin's money savers for more details). Currently i am in the middle of a 5 day trial at Esporta, Cookridge, next week 3 days at The Village, North Leeds, followed by 5 days at Fitness First on Kirkstall Park. Hopefully this will leave me fitter and give me something to blog about... expect gym reviews too!
Also weekend walks are on the cards, visited Golden Acre Park last week, lovely with the lake all frozen! I'm not normally a walker but it's quite good to get some air in your lungs every now and again and lets me discover new places in Leeds.

I am also going back to school... a B&W photography course at Leeds College of Art and Design. Something i've wanted to do for ages, i have a number of cameras that have been handed down to me from my Great Granddad, he used them all his life (one of them is from the 40's) but i'm just a bit scared to use them! I did photography at sixth form so hopefully this course will give me the confidence to get out there again.

I feel like this year is going to be a busy but good one, i'll keep you posted!

Happy New Year!

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