Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Sponge Cake

I'm all about the joys of Spring (especially this heatwave at the moment!) and for me it's not only lambs being born this year, there are babies and yummy mummy's all around me.

Last Friday was Miss Frazer's Baby Shower and my challenge... to make a cake in celebration of the bump, the gender of said bump we do not know yet!

So it's a Friday which means making a cake mid week and transporting it down the M62 to Hull, what do i make??? Something simple yet cute and being this time of year something for Spring!

My creation...

A bunting clad, four layered sponge with scrumptious butter cream fillings!

So the simplest way to party up a sponge cake is with a colour and flavour pop!
To make these delicious fillings i used a simple buttercream mix (300g butter + 400g icing sugar to make the four batches for this cake) then added my flavourings in the form of jams, fruit purees, zest and juices (about 80g should do it).

My favourite flavour buttercream has to be lime, zingy yet sweet! What about yours?

A final note to my friends who are with child (either in belly or in the world). You are all yummy mummys and i hope you enjoy it!

Although i made the cake here, the lovely baby shower cupcakes came from Hull. To find out more log on to Urban Flowers and follow them on Facebook

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