Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Builders Tea, Fit For A Queen!

I am quite new to tea drinking,  never being a fancier of a 'hot drink', I realised when entering the office environment that this was not an acceptable form of behaviour in British Culture. So I have succumbed to peer pressure and hit the hard stuff!

I started with fruit and herbal teas and have since moved on to good old builders tea, mainly to stop the funny looks in the office tea round when I whip out my own 'special' tea bags. 

A nice cup of Earl Grey is my favourite, without milk most of the time. You can guarantee it will be available in most places and it compliments even the sweetest of cake. 

Tea drinking at home is a much nicer experience than the office, I can chose one of many varieties of tea and brew it for the correct amount of time. Our regular tea is Clipper, purchased by Sir Scoffalot, I now know why as even an inexperience tea drinker like me can notice a difference in taste. I would definitely recommend it for someone who wants to get a taste for tea! 

We recently bought some Clipper Gold Tea, mainly because it comes in a lovely pink and gold box which compliments my kitchen ever so well. I am happy to say it was delicious! Clipper call it the King of Teas and in this the year of the Golden Jubilee I would say it is fit for the Queen! 

Tea is a British institution like the Queen and I would love to know what tea is served to the Queen herself? Do you think she would ever 'brew up'? 

At a typical Buckingham Palace Garden Party around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are served. Now that's got the be the best tea you've ever drunk?

What's your favourite tea? I don't want to miss out now I've got the taste for it!  


  1. I am pretty obsessed with tea pigs - amazing flavours!

    1. I've heard of them a few times... must give them a try, do you have to order online or are they around in shops?