Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

My main bathroom is currently a bit lacklustre, when really it should be the go to place for peace, quiet and relaxation, especially on an evening like tonight when i am a football widow.

So i am looking for inspiration...

A tiled black and white floor has been holding me back, i wasn't quite sure how to style it. That was until i had a moment of genius upon sight of this beautiful vintage mirror in my local charity shop. There's nothing better than building a room around such a beautiful bargain!

So Black, White & Gold it is!

Something like this

I would love to find some large gold frames (in the same style as the mirror) to go above the tub, laid out like above featured in Country Living

I also think (space permitting) the coat stand is a brilliant idea, especially for people like me who are yet to get on the property ladder and live in fear of leaving holes in rented walls.

What to put in the frames is always a tough one for the bathroom, because pictures of beach huts and beautiful shorelines have a tendency to make me which i was somewhere else and how ever gorgeous my bathroom is unfortunately it's not in the Seychelles!

Keeping with the vintagey, black and white feel i love the idea botanical prints featured in House Of Turquoise.

Another idea i've had whilst trawling the internet for inspiration is a great penny saver, but what about using wall paper samples? There are loads of great black and white designs around...

All from B&Q

Hopefully these ideas will help to make the bathroom a real haven, my favourite room perhaps...

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