Saturday, 31 August 2013

Leeds Love

So last weekend me and Mr Ward moved away from Leeds to Lancashire with a plan to save some money.
I'm not missing Leeds yet because I've been there at work all week, but when I do start to feel homesick it will definitely be for these places, where we have spent many a weekend eating and drinking with friends;

First up the best place to spend a Saturday afternoon, that doesn't include shopping or football; Friends of Ham
Beer, Cheese, Ham and Scotch Eggs equals a good time in my book! The food, drink and atmosphere are all great in this small basement and it's so easy to spend the whole day (and your weekly allowance) here. What more can i say?

FOH - Well worth a visit
If you need more than craft beer, how about the best cocktail in Leeds? The Maven will serve you well; a prohibition bar serving fantastically alcoholic cocktails, I've never seen a bar as well stocked with interesting things, you're bound to taste something like never before. I would recommend you avoid the 'Thai Bride' though!
You will find the Maven at the Kirkgate end of Call Lane, don't look for a sign though, there isn't one, it's a prohibition secret!

The Maven - worth finding

The morning after the night before - after all that extravagance you might need a good breakfast. Go to Mrs Athas it's new but it doesn't look it, inside is an Aladdins Cave of aesthetically pleasing, old fashioned things, I even love the loo! Along with looking beautiful it serves up amazing cakes, teas and coffees (Mr Ward recommends a piccolo) and for breakfast scrummy sausage and bacon butties from Lishmans butchers yum.

Mrs Athas - Just what the doctor ordered 
La Bottega Milanese - Nutella Heaven
And last but not least, perfect for a mid shopping pick me up is a coffee and cake from La Bottega Milanese. For Mr Ward it's a piccolo again, for me a Nutella Espresso mmm... and the pastries, you've got to try them!

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