Friday, 20 September 2013

Flower Friday

Autumn is definitely drawing in, it's storm like as I write this, however there are still some gorgeous bursts of colour in the garden.

Look at these cosmos, they are standing tall and shouting out with a bright pop of pink. They're so soft looking i'm surprised how tall they get, especially with the wind blowing the way it is today.

I can't confess to growing these myself, they were grown by the lovely Liz Ward, but when I get my own garden again they will be in there! There are some orangey coloured seeds, 

Cosmos sulphureus 'Polidor', available at Thompson and Morgan, I'm adding these to my basket! 

Also when I took these photos last weekend I discovered this plant is also home for a creepy crawly or two, can you see this little spider hiding behind the petals?

I love the way a spider web looks with a hint of moisture and the sun glinting through the silk. I think there will be more spider web photo's to come, it's almost halloween after all! 


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