Friday, 4 February 2011

Love those Hawaiian Shirts?

So we went on another comedy outing this week to see Milton Jones in York. 
Milton Jones? The Hawaiian shirt wearing, boggled eyed, one line genius who often features on Mock the Week.

The verdict was not so good unfortunately,  a whole hour of one liners is guaranteed to be hit and miss i suppose, but after seeing him in snippets on TV we were slightly disappointed. I've never been to see a one line comic before and definitely prefer the story telling style of Sarah Millican and Daniel Kitson.
Sorry Milton, i'm still a fan but only in small doses!

One plus point was that i found a lovely little watering hole 'Plonkers' 
We just nipped in for a quick drink before the show, but next time we're in York i'm sure we'll be going back!


  1. I am not so sure what to say about the comedian in a Hawaiian shirt but what kind of cookies are those in your background? They sort of look yummy.

  2. Hi they are pre-baked cranberry scones - see back to the Scone Recipe Challenge for the recipe