Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chocolate Cake Challenge

Finally (only 3 months late) I have taken up the challenge that I set myself at Christmas...

My favourite Christmas gift was a recipe book called "Bake and Decorate" by Fiona Cairns which is filled with gorgeous cake, biscuit and muffin recipes and then shows you how to decorate them beautifully too.

Everything in the book looks so wonderful i just wanted to make it all, so that's what i'm going to do... One cake every weekend - everyone will be getting a bespoke birthday cake this year!

I decided to start at the beginning with the Chocolate Celebration Cake, a simple but delicious recipe which could be used as a dessert too. This went down a treat in the office, but i'm sure my colleagues will be complaining about cake in a couple of weeks down the line!

I've visited Fiona Cairns' website which is beautiful too and has inspired me to put that much care and attention into my baking. I didn't quite have time to get to the decorate section on this one, but bearing in mind the attention to detail that goes into all of Fiona Cairns products i did make an effort with the presentation.

Hopefully by the end of my challenge i will have succeeded in making every recipe and master the art of sugar paste roses and edible flowers... Watch this cake shaped space!


  1. I took my piece of cake home, popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds and served it up with a nice big curl of rum and raisin ice cream.
    My mouth had an orgasm. It was A-mazing.

    (The flower was tasty too... did you make it?)

  2. Sounds like a lovely combo!

    I have to say the flowers were a cheat! shop bought... tsk! I have all the decorating to get to grips with next, there is a bollywood version of this cake with chilli ganache and bright roses so will bring you a sample of that one soon!