Monday, 20 June 2011

Old Family Photographs

I'm working on a photo book project at the moment with some old photo's that my Granddad scanned to disc for me. This is where my love of photography comes from, photographs from 1914 to now, all collated and detailed in albums by my Great Granddad.

This is my Great, Great Granddad in the East Yorkshire Signallers at the start of the 1st World War.
All of the type is written by my Great Granddad.

They appeal to me on so many levels, the photography itself, the memories they bring of characters within them and wondering about the people i don't know, the nostalgic feeling, the vintage glamour and the amazement that something can be preserved so well for almost one hundred years.

My Great Granny
I wonder if she knows how cool she is?  Or if she ever thought she'd be Ninety-Four!

Maybe i'm doing my bit by posting these photo's here and preserving them in the digital age, but i also want to add to the collection. I have some of my Great Granddad's cameras and want to make the most out of them. One camera is from the 40's and still works fantastically, i can't imagine still having a piece of technology that i have bought recently in 70 years time can you? Times are moving so fast and we are living in a disposable era, it's cheaper to buy a new one and there is always an upgrade available.

My Great Granddad (Far Right)
Having fun with Navy chums on Broadway,  I wish I knew all the stories he had.

Saying that finding places to develop my film and print my pictures is proving difficult, i have a few films to process and i'm just scouting it out at the moment, if anyone can recommend anywhere that would be great.
I took a black and white photography course at Leeds City College which was great, but now i want my own dark room, enlarger and the lot! One day maybe?

My Great Granny and Kate
Celebrating the Coronation, check out Granny's commemorative apron - I want it!

I will treasure these photographs forever and hopefully keep the cameras going too.  Please let me know if you have any hints, tips or recommendations for me photography wise as i am just a beginner!

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