Friday, 19 July 2013

Flower Friday

This week after a take over of our front garden my cornflowers have sprung to life with gorgeous hues of pink, purple and blue.

I think they look so gorgeous and for the first time ever I have enough of something to use as cut flowers, so there is a little jar of these beauties on my bedside cabinet. Love!

Another thing that's fantastic about cornflowers is that bees adore them, i spent far too long trying to catch a snapshot of a bumble bee the other day, but got a few. I really like this one as you can see his furry bum!

I know lots of people are scared of bees, but i find them quite interesting to watch and actively strive to get them in my garden. Looks like my garden has the buff-tailed bee, keep a look out and let me know what types you see in your gardens?

Bumble Bee Guide

Albert Einstein said the human race would last about 4 years without bees which is scary, they pollinate a massive amount of our food supply, so it's important that we look after them. RSPB have a great campaign at the moment full of ideas of how to get wildlife such as bees in you your garden and I would definitely recommend it.

Better BUZZ off now xx


  1. Stacey, how do I get the bees here to keep still long enough so that I can identify the species???

    1. I get my camera on zoom and sit in the flowers and snap away until i get one of the bee being still - my neighbours must think i'm nuts!
      Lots of shaky photos, but worth it when you get a good one!