Monday, 22 July 2013

By The Sea

We are so lucky this year to have an extended period of solid summer, me and Mr Ward have been able to enjoy a proper UK holiday, which included a trip to the beach. What a luxury!

I don't think there's a more relaxing place than the beach, I really enjoy combing the beach for bits and pieces and I have to take a souvenir shell home with me every time.

The perfect beach trip should include a picnic and blanket to rest on, listening to the waves (dipping your toes in if you're brave enough), watching boats sailing by and just generally taking a pause from the day to day. Big deep breaths, catch as much 'sea air' as possible and a cup of tea and ice cream too!

We went to Fleetwood beach in Lancashire where I collected shells and crabs and dipped my feet in the  sea, even in 30 degree heat it was still too cold to swim. I love this vintage poster from the 50's and think people must have been crazy to dive right in, or are we just a bit soft these days?

1950's Poster

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