Sunday, 18 August 2013

Goodbye Great Grannie

This time last week I went to Thornton Le Dale in North Yorkshire to say a fond farewell to my Great Grannie, Peggy Ashton.

My Great Grannie enjoying the sunshine

We went to Thornton Le Dale to a beautiful thatched cottage by a stream that my Great Granddad had painted years ago. We gathered round the cottage (hoping no one was in) had a cheeky glass of bubbly and my Aunty Wendy read a poem before we sent Grannies ashes off into the stream.

It was such a beautiful place, I would love to live somewhere like this especially with the gorgeous gardens.

A Lovely View

Me with my Sister Ellie

My Mum, Aunty Wendy and Nanna

Beautiful Cottage Garden

The Stream
I don't know who lives in this cottage now, but if they saw us saying goodbye to Grannie I hope it made them smile, because it means a lot to our family now.
I will definitely be visiting again, maybe i'll dip my feet in the stream and think of grannie asking 'Are you winning?'


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